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Time: iFlask Looks Like an iPhone but Its Only App Is Booze

Just in time for Outdoor Drinking Season (capitalized because of its importance), here’s the iFlask. This $25 iPhone lookalike’s only app is the ability to make you drunk. Phone calls? Nope. E-mail? Who needs it? Internet? Inner-wet… with booze.

Though not at all the first iPhone-style flask on the market, the iFlask looks to fancy things up a bit: It holds five ounces of your favorite libation, features a polycarbonate and stainless steel frame, and ships with a collapsible funnel. Just as a USB cord transfers songs to your real iPhone, so does the collapsible funnel transfer liquid that will make you sing… all alone… at a urinal… while you’re at church. You’re a monster, man. There are kids around!

Pony up another $10 for the iFlask Ultimate Kit, and you’ll get everything listed above, plus an extra collapsible funnel and a collapsible metal shot glass keychain. Your car key and a shot glass — two items that should always be in close proximity, am I right? (I am not right.)

The iFlask is available for preorder, but has no definitive ship date other than “could be late May.”

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